30 Chinese Quotes About Love and Marriage

30 Chinese Quotes About Love and Marriage
30 Chinese Quotes About Love and Marriage
As ancient Chinese wisdom says “anything can be explained by using ancient Chinese wisdom”. This is a humorous reaction to the frequent use of the ancient sayings of Chinese sages on the Internet. But their frequent use does not negate the fact that the experience accumulated over thousands of years by Chinese folk wisdom can do a good job to those who seek knowledge in life.
Before reading the ancient Chinese quotes about love and marriage that we’ve got here, here’s a warning. Over the years, you become more and wiser, and wisdom helps to understand that wisdom does not help.
However, there are still lots of things to find in these quotes, both if you high, like establishing a serious relationship, or just trying to impress a girl.
And here are the Chinese quotes about love and marriage:
  • 1. One who is unenvious and not greedy, why should he do evil?
  • 2. Do not count on quick successes and do not be tempted by little profit. Hurry – and you will not achieve the goal. If you will be seduced by the small things – and you will not be able to achieve anything great.
  • 3. Do not worry that people do not know you, but worry that you do not know people.
  • 4. Zhōu gōng asked: “Who is a noble husband?”
A philosopher said: “The one who first acts and then speaks.”
  • 5. A noble husband seeks the causes of his failures in himself, and a vile person seeks them in others.
  • 6. Someone asked: “Is it right to respond with good to evil?”
A teacher replied: “How can one respond kindly? Answer evil with justice. They respond to good with good.”
  • 7. A person who does not have love cannot endure poverty for a long time and cannot constantly be in joy.
  • 8. People fall in love with external beauty but stay for the internal one.
  • 9. What I do not want others to do to me, I do not want to do to others.
  • 10. You said — I believed, you repeated — I doubted, you insisted, and I realized that you were lying.
  • 11. The man who was able to move the mountain began by dragging small stones from place to place.
  • 12. If you stumble and fall, this does not mean that you are going the wrong way.
  • 13. The one who points out your shortcomings is not always your enemy;
  • 14. Live in peace. Come spring, and the flowers bloom themselves.
  • 15. The temptation to surrender will be especially strong shortly before the victory.
  • 16. To the one who does not sail anywhere – there is no tailwind!
  • 17. Do not be afraid to move slowly, be afraid to stand still.
  • 18. Do not say anything if this does not change the silence for the better.
  • 19. The word that you did not say is your slave, and the one uttered becomes your master.
  • 20. It is necessary to hastily do what is not so important as to do what is important without haste.
  • 21. The trick of life is to die young, but as late as possible.
  • 22. Tell me – and I will forget
    Show me – and maybe I’ll remember
    But get me involved and I will understand.
  • 23. Looking for fire, you find it with smoke.
    In knowing the truth, you also know the lie.
    There are two parts to everything.
    And without one, you won’t understand the second.
  • 24. By constantly doubting the one to whom we trust, do we not become like a person pulling a sprout from the ground each time with the sole purpose of making sure that the roots grow or not?
  • 25. Money disappears where they play, books disappear where they pass exams, people die on the battlefield, and rice disappears in barns.
  • 26. The size of a tower is measured by the length of the shadow cast by it, and the greatness of a person is measured by the number of envious people they have.
  • 27. If you think that you know what love is, you don’t.
  • 28. A heart that has ever known true love will never forget it.
  • 29. Sit opposite the one you love, and next to the one you hate.
  • 30. From love, as from illness, people lose sleep and appetite.

In my opinion, many of these ancient sayings are “new” for us today. And all because they answer the eternal questions of humanity. These are questions, the answers to which have no final answer but force us to develop, finding more and more accurate answers in ourselves.

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